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Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain / Composite Fillings in Los Angeles (LA)

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Dr. David S. Frey removes unattractive mercury fillings and replaces them with stronger and more aesthetically pleasing porcelain fillings. Dr. Frey offers cosmetic dentistry LA patients, including those in the Beverly Hills and Newport Beach area, porcelain fillings replacements because porcelain can actually strengthen teeth by holding the tooth structure, as opposed to mercury fillings which may actually crack or break a tooth.

Dr. Frey prefers to provide his Los Angeles patients with porcelain fillings because they create a more natural smile. The porcelain fillings are metal-free, and like porcelain veneers, they mimic the qualities of natural teeth, allowing light to properly reflect off of and flow through the teeth.

Aesthetics are not the only reason that Dr. Frey offers Beverly Hills and Los Angeles patients porcelain fillings that do not contain mercury. As a concerned cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Frey is among those health care professionals who feel mercury can contribute to health problems. He believes that porcelain fillings actually positively contribute to a patient’s oral health, reducing the need for extensive dental treatment in the future, such as dental implants in Los Angeles.  Also, Dr. Frey believes that porcelain fillings are more durable. Since mercury fillings have a tendency to expand and contract with the temperature changes in the mouth (hot and cold drinks and food), a mercury-filled tooth can break. Dr. Frey only wants the best for his patients so he uses porcelain fillings.

Whether you are interested in replacing your old mercury fillings or if you have a new cavity that needs to be filled, porcelain fillings from Dr. Frey’s LA practice are the smart choice. Porcelain fillings are more natural in appearance, they strengthen the damaged tooth, and they require less of your natural tooth to be removed than mercury fillings require.
Whenever possible, Dr. Frey also prefers to use porcelain fillings instead of dental crowns. Unlike crowns, porcelain fillings keep the natural form and shape of a tooth.

Patients in the Newport Beach, Orange County, and Los Angeles area interested in porcelain veneers or a complete smile makeover should contact Dr. Frey's Beverly Hills practice today.

Los Angeles, Orange County, and Newport Beach area patients can get porcelain fillings to replace their mercury ones or have cavities treated with the newer, stronger material at Dr. David S. Frey's Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry practice.

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