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Sedation Dentistry

Los Angeles Sedation Dentistry – Dr. David Frey, DDS

Often times, people needing dental work done – whether a cleaning or major work – put it off due to anxiety. Dr. David S. Frey offers sedation, or sleep dentistry, at his cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles practice to Beverly Hills and Orange County patients. The wonder of sedation, or sleep dentistry, is that patients can have dental work completed with little awareness of the procedure.

The sedation methods of sleep dentistry are used for two main reasons. Some people have such a heightened fear of the dentist that they are unable to get into the dentist's chair without the use of sedation dentistry. Other patients need to have extensive restorative dentistry and full mouth rejuvenation procedures completed, such as dental implants Los Angeles patients, which would usually expand over several appointments. By using sleep dentistry, these patients are able to have most, if not all, of their dental work completed in one visit. Of course, there are those patients who utilize sedation dentistry for a combination of these reasons.

Because of Dr. Frey's skill in performing sedation (sleep) dentistry procedures, Los Angeles (LA) and other Orange County come to our practice to have their extensive dental work performed. LA TMJ patients, who may require several different treatments, benefit especially from sedation dentistry.  Dr. Frey can determine if options like laser dentistry, instant orthodontics with porcelain veneers, porcelain fillings, dental bonding, or implant dentistry, are appropriate for you and create a convenient treatment plan that meets your goals.

Sedation Methods Used in Sleep Dentistry

When Dr. Frey meets with a patient to plan an upcoming sleep dentistry appointment, he will give the patient a small pill. About an hour prior to the sedation dentistry appointment, the patient will take the oral medication. (All sedation dentistry patients need to have a companion that can take them to their appointment.)

The effects of the sedation should be felt when the sleep dentistry patient arrives at our Beverly Hills practice. In preparation for the treatment, the patient will be made comfortable. The patient's vital signs will be monitored by a member of Dr. Frey's sedation dentistry team before and during the sleep dentistry procedure.

The patient will be able to follow simple instructions, but overall will have the sensation of sleep during the dental treatment. In what usually feels like a short time to the patient, the dental work will be completed.

We provide sedation ( sleep) dentistry to patients throughout Orange County, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Hollywood. Contact cosmetic dentist David S. Frey today to get the smile you want with sleep dentistry.

Sedation, or sleep, dentistry can help you overcome your fear of the dentist's chair. At his practice serving Orange County, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, Dr. David S. Frey can perform cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures while you sleep.

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