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Written by cosmetic dentist Dr. David Frey displaying his own actual patients!

Cosmetic Dentistry Testimonials – Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County Patient Experiences

David S. Frey, DDS has been providing high-quality dental care from his cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles practice for more than 20 years. He is pleased to offer a wide range of treatments including Los Angeles dental implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and even full mouth rejuvenations. Dr. Frey’s unwavering dedication to excellence in dentistry has allowed him to transform the smiles of thousands of patients, helping them gain health and confidence. Hear from some of his most satisfied patients below, and contact his dental practice today to schedule a consultation.

When we first discussed having veneers put on my teeth I was a little reluctant, because of the cost. But the other sacrifices I made to save up the money, were well worth it; a hundred times over.

Now, when I look back at old photos, I want to trash the ones that show my teeth. I wish I would have done this years ago. You have no idea what its like to be able to smile without having to worry that people are grossing out on your teeth. I actually feel pretty when I smile. My husband loves my new teeth also. We all want to thank you so much for the beautiful work. I have friends whose teeth I used to envy, now they envy mine. How's that for a turnaround. Show my before & after to your patients so they can see the difference.

Thank you so much, always grateful,
Patty P.

To Dr. David Frey, Michelle and Kerri,
I can't thank you enough for your excellent work. It is truly amazing to have my teeth look this great! Amazing is the only word I can use, because that is how people who know me best describe it. They say my whole face shines when I smile - and I smile a lot more now! In addition to the teeth, I'd like to thank everyone in the office for their kindness every time I visit. It's like going to see friends, and I truly appreciate that. Believe me, I will send anyone who needs a bright smile work directly to you. You folks are the best!
Sincerely, Gil

I cannot thank Dr. David Frey and his wonderful team enough for dramatically changing my smile. It has positively changed my self-esteem and uplifted my outlook on life.
Debbie A.

Dear Dr. Frey,
Let me take this opportunity to say a very sincere thank you for my beautiful smile. All my life, in spite of extensive orthodontia as a child, I have been extremely conscious of the spaces between my teeth, unevenness & dark color of my teeth . Now , when I enter a room , I am able to hold my head up high & smile with confidence , knowing that people are looking at me with respect. Words cannot express how wonderful I feel Thank you once again.

Dear Dr. Frey,
This letter is long over due. I am writing it to not only express my appreciation for what you have done for me, but to assure anyone who is considering veneers, and is not absolutely convinced that they will be completely satisfied. I have had many pictures taken of me over the years. It wasn't until I had my teeth worked on by Dr. Frey that, I realized there was one reoccurring thing in all the pictures that were taken. I never showed my teeth! My driver's license, prom picture, and every one I could find showed no teeth.

After being fitted with my new veneers, I immediately became more confident with my entire appearance. I couldn't stop smiling! I didn't even realize how insecure I was about my smile. I avoided talking to people in ways that showed my teeth. To demonstrate how incredibly strong these teeth are I want to share one last thing. I was involved in a tragic skydiving accident one month after I was fitted with my veneers. While I broke my femur and ribs, I was amazed when I found out that nearly all of my teeth survived this big fall.

I hope this letter can serve as a testimonial for the incredible work you did with me.

Dear Dr. Frey and staff,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for doing such an awesome job on my teeth!!! My smile is gorgeous, and now I have very high self esteem in myself! I owe it all to you!!

All of my friends and family are totally amazed!

I am constantly getting compliments on my beautiful, perfect, white teeth and smile.

Having the procedure done was the best investment I ever made!!!

Thank you so very, very much Dr. Frey! You are the best dentist ever.
From Kimberly

After having spent 48 years smiling with my mouth closed, you can't imagine what a pleasure it was to discover facial muscles that I never knew I had. The first week or two after you completed rebuilding my teeth, I completely and totally enjoyed the remarks of friends and associates, such as, "Where were you that you got such a great tan?" or "Did you lose some weight?" Your work is that subtle and natural. I can't thank you enough for your fine job. As my new movie career progresses, I promise to keep you and Stephanie informed! With best regards,

The number one benefit I derived from this procedure is that I can smile again with my lips parted. This has been an investment in myself, with rewards that go far beyond the actual cost. Ray S.

I am so happy I found Dr. Frey before my wedding. Having a perfect smile made me feel like the most beautiful and confident bride I could be. I have never done anything that has boosted my self-confidence so much (more than dieting and exercise). Thank you, Dr. Frey.
Michel B.

The office staff was very friendly and welcoming and I really appreciated the doctor's explanations and style. A very personable individual that I hope to work with soon. Thanks!
Adam A.

Everything was qreat
Hilda A.

My visit was handled in a most professional and comfortable way and I look forward to working with you, David, and your staff in the future.
Marlene B.

All of my friend's are amazed! I will highly recommend your service:)
Greg B.

You guys are fantastic...ALL OF YOU!! I am so happy to be back and would like to thank all of you for being so great and so patient with me. Please tell Jackie that she rocks and thank her for dealing with such a little baby!!
Nawal B.

The Hygenist appointments are too costly for me @ $160. I pay $85 locally and paying that much is added insult to injury after having to drive 1 hr 15 min to and 1 hr 15 min from. The care is superb, and I would not mind paying $125 as I was paying when I first came there, however, I have not received a raise with my job, therefore I cannot pay higher rates + increased gas prices. I have loved my Beverly Hills connection with your office and will never forget the excellent care in your office. Thank you and I will miss you until I get a promotion or win the lotto.
Anne B.

The staff was very nice. Dr. Frey especially he greeted me himself, he is very hands on in his office you can tell he really takes pride in his work, and wants whats best for you! Some many doctors have lost that and just are in a routine or have passed things to other people to handle. Not Dr.Frey he really cares about helping people, and making them feel comfortable. It was such a refreshing, and an informative experience for me!!! Thank you Dr. Frey.
Holly C.

I met two other pacients whom were very happy with your work and office staff. That says a lot!
Elizabeth C.

My experience was Fantastic Again! I'm Always treated professionally with Quality work. Thanks Much!
Elizabeth C.

This Dr. & Office people are the Best! I am Very Happy with my dental work and the people who work there.
Elizabeth C.

Friendly, caring office with impressive dental solutions.
Melinda C.

I've recommended Dr. Frey to three different people already. I feel I am well-taken care of. Some people more sensitive than I am might have a problem with the in-office bickering though.
Melinda C.

Overall experience and treatment was exceptionally professional as always.
Fofi, C.

Jackie was great...very thorough
Lori C.

Varissa at the front desk has a great personality. Sometimes I fear people at medical front desks because they can be so mean! She obviously is a people person who enjoys her job! Thanks, Varissa, and I hope I spelled your name correctly! Dr. Frey is already outstanding in my book! I am so much more clear on what is going to be done, and why. I read a lot of his book already, and it makes so much sense to me now, not to mention that ALL of my problems are mentioned as being curable! The other dr. I spoke with was nowhere near as concise in explanation of theory. I am so excited to get my teeth done, and can't wait to refer people to see them as happy!
Denise C.

Dr. Frey and his staff is so wonderful and kind.we patients appreciate that.
Yvonne C.

Everyone was super friendly and nice. Especially Dr. Frey he gave me personal driving directions, which I appreciated....
Paulette C.

Everyone made me feel really comfortable and was really nice.
Cami C.

Everything was great.
Joy D.

Everything was fantastic. I would not change a thing!
Danielle D.

Jackie is calming, reassuring, attentive, thorough, thoughtful and considerate, educational and almost made it fun ... hahahahahaha
Maya E.

You and Fedra were very nice and full of information. but this is alot more money than I thought..........So I really need to think about this and check out my other options. But if I am going to spend this money it wil be with you. Thanks you for your time.
Betsy F.

I think you have the most accomadating office and staff. It felt very warm and comfortable in your office. Thank You for your service.
Grace F

Your office was very clean and the service I got was great. Thank You for being there for me.
Grace F.

I loved seeing my son and I wish him great success. Thank you to Jacki for the wonderful teeth cleaning. My teeth feel nacked and squiky clean. Love to all
Gracie F.

I think for the first time in my life i actually enjoyed coming to a dental office, i was so comfortable and it was easy to talk to them. They were nice and understanding at the same time which made it easier for me to relax. Thanks guys :)
Maria G.

Jackie is amazing.
Debby G.

You have an amazing practice....Wow! Keep up the good work!
Lisa G.

Love You All!!!!!!!!!
Lisa G.

I had a great experience at your office. You seem like a very experienced cosmetic dentist. I am still exploring my options but am looking more into the "lumineers" veneers now.
Yasmina H.

Everyone in the office was terrific. I was very happy with the care and result of the procedure. When I come in for the X-Ray I'll need some more adjustment to my bite.
Charlene H.

Not one thing needs improvement.
Marjorie H.

In fifteen or so years this was the first time that Jackie was late...and it appeared that there was an unusual set of circumstances. She is an excellent hygenist...worth my sclepping into the city. All in all I give your office staff a A+ rating.
Carol H.

Jackie is a great, experienced, professional and thorough hygenist. Dr. Frey is the best smilemaker!
Pam H.

My hygenist is the best!
Robert J.

Amazing team/staff. No complaints whatsoever. Maybe more reading options in the wait room.. but the simple and clean look is great. Functional. Too many magazines would look dirty. I just prefer reading when in wait rooms instead of watching t.v. But, I can just bring my own reading material.
Min K.

Lila K.

Service was nice, informative, attentive and professional.
Berenice M.

Everyone was wonderful. Get rid of the fake plants.
Haldane M.

Jackie was very thorough and I appreciated her willingness to explain in detail the issues requiring attention.
Deborah M.

For me right now the decision is all about cost. If I hit the lottery tomorrow I would be in the following day.
David O.

It was great. love that you are so high tech with your administation. makes me trust your overall tech capabilities more.
Stacia O.

She is the best dental hygeneist EVER!!! office was clean and perfect! next time maybe you could serve some appetizers in the waiting room. LOL
Sherbear O.

You're to be congratulated for taking the agony out of a dental visit. Your office staff, the fact that you have internet for your patients and their guests, as well as your superior command of what you do all make visiting the dentist almost pleasurable. Keep up the good work!
Jon P.

The receptionist is charming.
Candy P.

Jackie is wonderful and very knowledgeble.
Thank you
Liliane R.

I can't think of any way Dr. Frey and his staff could improve on such a great dental practice.
Vanessa R.

You guys are all great. I am happy with your whole team and my treatment.
Ginny S.

I met Mrs. Frey and her mother, and Tara and her sister (cousin?) very nice patients, we all had a nice chat!
Kathleen S.

Actually, I have never had a better dental experience. Now, mind you... the painful part hasn't started yet! But so far, I find Dr Frey's attention to detail and patience in explaining everything very reassuring and enormously helpful.
Rene S.

Everyone was extremely friendly, professional and personable. Dr. Frey was fantastic. I was really taken back by the kindness. There are no recommendations for change, on the contrary, the overall experience was superb. Thanks.
Jacqueline S.

The visit was informative and the staff was great.
Pam W.

Magdalina Z.

Great service as usual.

Everything is always perfect.

Direct assistance w/ payments w/ your office itself for procedures, as in monthly payments after a % down,or acceptance of dental insurance without fronting the debt; in order to be able to do more there at your office as opposed to upfront payments; every one there very kind.

Phaedra and Jackie were superb! Large screen TVs in rooms were nice.

The office staff are very accommodating. I enjoyed my visit.

Very friendly and professional staff.
Diane A.

Dr Frey, I am so pleased with your service, your professional staff, your care for the patient, your sense of humor, And most of all, your artistic talent! Thank you so much!!! I'm Smiling :)
Greg B.

Everyone treated me with kindness and the service was painess!
Jaime B.

All of my visits with you are more like hanging out with friends than going to the dentist!
Nawal B.

One of the most educated and caring doctors I have ever encountered!!! He answered all my questions, took his time with me, and really made my consultation a wonderful experience!
Holly C.

My dental cleaning was the most intense cleaning I've ever had. Then, I was put on a tens unit to relax my muscels.
Elizabeth C.

Was immediately made to feel comfortable and welcomed.
Denise C.

Everyone who works for Dr. Frey is professional, kind, and above and beyond for the patient. The state of the art surroundings and relaxing music and atmosphere are a big plus. Love the fish!
Danielle D.

Every one was so nice to me especially Dr. Frey and his 2 assistance that helped me. They explained how the process works which was very helpful for me and i want to thank them for that :).
Maria G.

Dr. Frey, You made me feel so comfortable. I liked the way that you explained everything. Your doctor patient/client services are excellent. Thank you for validating my feelings about my desire to improve my overall well being with a beautiful smile. Hopefully I will be able to secure my financing soon. With great appreciation, Marjorie Harvey
Marjorie H.

The staff was friendly and the doctor was very comfortable to be around. I haven't had much of anything done so I can't comment on quality of the hygenist etc. but my first experience was certainly a positive one!
Joel H.

Dr. Frey was very knowledgeable and friendly; overall excellent customer service.
Sharon J.

Very informative visit. learned a lot about the cosmetic procedure.
Berenice M.

Everything was explained to me with professionalism and a genuine concern for what seemed to be the best route for enhancing my smile.
Candy P.

I was very happy with such personal and caring service. Dr. Frey took the time to listen to my concerns and made me feel comfortable. Staff was also A+++!!
Vanessa R.

The Dr. David Frey dental team is excellent. Everyone is always friendly, helpful and makes me feel completely comfortable.
Ginny S.

I'm a bit lazy with flossing.... not a child abuser :-)... enough lecturing please!
David S.

you didn't explain what are the procedures and didn't show the before and after pictures.
Javad T.

Extremely impressed with the up-to-date high-tech equipment and techniques. Extremely impressed with Dr. Frey's articulate and humble presentations. When I entered the office, I thought I had a solid set of expectations. Five minutes into our discussion I realized there was so much I didn't know. When we concluded our conversation, I understood the options and associated costs. Guess that's the beginning of wisdom.... Now I need an execution plan.
Mary W.

Again, understanding the needs of the patient, thus obtaining complete trust.

I called to say I would be a little late and the office staff was very understanding. The hygienist is very kind and thorough.

Very congenial staff.

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